Five of Your Toughest Roofing Questions Answered

Being one of the primary highlights of your abode, the metal roofing above your home deserves some extra attention and care. Regular roof maintenance and repair are two of the vital steps you can take to elevate the longevity of your roof and ensure that it is devoid of any damage. However, many homeowners are clueless about pertinent aspects of their home’s roofs. Although ignorance is bliss, it is the complete opposite in this case. Not knowing some of the fundamental features of a roof can do a lot of harm to your home in the long run. If you are trying to gain some extra knowledge, and find answers to a few of the pressing roofing questions, let us help you out.


Q1. How do I spot damage to the roof?

Ans. There are multiple clues to finding damage to your roof, and the most obvious one is age. If your roof is 20 years or older, the chances are that it is due for replacement. However, younger roofs can experience damage as well. Thus, regular inspection is essential. But, you should opt for binoculars as a ladder might be risky and lead to a fall. Some of the crucial things that you should look for are –

  • Numerous lifted shingles
  • Cracked or missing tiles
  • Roof with curled edges
  • Roof with smooth dark areas
  • Water staining
  • Moist or soft spots

Q2. What is the significance of the felt paper in roofing?

Ans. Felt paper is utilized in most roofing as a release between two materials – wood and asphalt. It was initially used to protect the roof’s asphalt from the sap of the wood. However, nowadays, felt paper acts as extra lightweight protection against damage on a stormy day. In case a shingle or a tile breaks down in a storm, the felt paper of the roof serves as a momentary safeguard.

Q3. Can an amateur install a roof?

Ans. The firm answer is no. An amateur should not install a roof. The safety hazards of working on a roof are pretty obvious. When an amateur is installing a roof, several things can go haywire. Thus, opting for professional metal roofing services is the best bet.

Q4. How to get rid of black stains on a roof?

Ans. Some roofing tiles include elements that allow algae to thrive on the dark streaks on your roof. Algae flourish in wet environments, which is why they are most commonly found on the shady slopes of roofs that receive little direct sunshine. It’s important to keep in mind that algae don’t cause any harm to a roof. Your home’s curb appeal may suffer as a result. Using a pump sprayer and a bleach-to-water solution, wet down the roof to get them to fall off. The foundation’s plants will be damaged if you use bleach on them, so be sure to thoroughly rinse them with fresh water afterward. You can next use a pole-mounted brush to gently scrub the roof’s surface.

Q5. How can I prevent algae from returning to my metal roofing?

Ans. The crest of your roof should be covered with zinc or copper strips to prevent algae from re-infesting. A rainstorm will wash over the metal strips’ exposed edges, removing any ions from the metal that could be used by algae to grow.

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