Methods To Mitigate Stress During Moving Week

A lot of people associate moving with stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that 47% of households that plan to move report increased levels of stress during this time, claiming that the process can be overwhelming and hectic. While there is most likely going to be a baseline level of stress involved in the moving process, there are methods you can employ to ensure a smooth transition into your new home.

If you are planning an upcoming move across town or across the country, you can get there with as little stress as possible with a good plan in practice. Best of Utah Moving has created a short guide showcasing preparation tips for you to follow over the course of a week as you approach moving day.

Want more moving tips? See the accompanying guide for a full breakdown of how you can mitigate stress when it’s time to move.

Infographic provided by Best of Utah Moving, a moving company specializing in office relocation services

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