Outdoor space trends in San Antonio, TX

Summer is heating up in Texas, and that means you likely will be spending more time outdoors barbequing, soaking in some rays, swimming, and spending time with loved ones. If you’re wanting to spruce up your outdoor living experience, look no further for our top outdoor space trends in San Antonio, Texas.

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Cowboy Pools

Our first outdoor space trend in San Antonio, Texas is the addition of cowboy pools. As a more cost-effective option to traditional pools, cowboy pools (also known as hillbilly pools) deliver a trendy southern charm and the cooling relaxation you desire. These pools are made from stock tanks, making them a more rustic option that gets the job done in a Texas trendy manner.

Shady Views

It’s no secret that the sun is beaming in beautiful San Antonio, Texas all summer long. This delivers occasional intense heat, and a need for relief in your outdoor space. The next trend for upgrading your outdoor living space is adding a patio cover or pergola. These not only provide a needed function to enjoy the outdoors in the summer months, but they also are the perfect place to hang trendy string lights for an ambiance all its own on summer evenings.

Sustainable Gardening

There’s nothing more rewarding than having a sustainable garden in your own backyard. When you’re throwing your summer BBQ, imagine picking herbs or fresh veggies from your own sustainable garden. What makes a garden sustainable over a traditional edible garden? They enhance your natural ecosystem in your outdoor living space, rather than harm it. Here are some ways you can make your outdoor edible garden more sustainable:

1) Use less water. Try adding a rain gauge so you know how much water your garden has gotten from nature, and then water accordingly. Overwatering can be wasteful and often hurt your crops as well!

2) Minimize fertilizer use. Test your soil to know what nutrients it already contains and fertilize to a minimum to reduce runoff.

3) Make your own compost. Utilizing food scraps from your daily cooking to create fresh soil for your garden is a great way to make it trendy and sustainable!

Follow Furniture Trends

Upgrade your San Antonio outdoor living space by following outdoor furniture trending styles. Some things to look for include:

  • Curved or rounded designs
  • Nods to nature with natural materials such as wicker, ratan, or wood
  • Pops of color
  • Eco-friendly elements like being made from recycled materials
  • Flexible footprint outdoor sofas that can be rearranged to fit your space

We hope you feel inspired to upgrade your outdoor living space in San Antonio, Texas after reading our top trends. Outdoor living is an extension of your home that is perfect for chilling out, entertaining, and enjoying the sunny weather Texas has to offer.

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