Common Problems Everyone Faces With A Mixer Grinder

Regardless of how good your mixer grinder is, chances are there are multiple issues you could face. To understand the common concerns and problems that come with mixer grinders and how you can solve them, keep reading this.

Mixers are an important electrical appliance you’ll probably find in all Indian kitchens. They’re needed and are a basic necessity for all. Several households dont come with kettles or microwaves or mixer grinders. It also saves up time, energy and also eases the whole process of meal-making. However, the issue with electrical appliances that you have is bound to cause issues and problems. Even if you have the best mixer grinder, there will be some problems you’ll certainly face. However, you could always speak to some expert and shed some chunks on how to repair them. Or you could read this post and understand how you fix your mixer grinder on your own.

Common issues faced with mixer grinders

  • Leaks

A common issue that can happen with your mixer or grinder is leakage. This occurs when the mixie is old and requires you to replace it. Another reason is that it has loose blades or cracked jars. The best mixer grinder will usually last you for a long period of time, at least 3 years before randomly breaking off. That’s why you should always buy mixer every couple of years or simply buy something that’s of high quality.

  • Blunt Blades

With time does the blade sharpness usually disappears. Because of this, it poses a lot of problems to others. However, the 1st sign is that you must notice all the ingredients are usually coarse, especially if they have been ground in the mixer. The 1st thing you could do is fix them using some rock salt. Just make sure to pour the rock salt into the grinder and then switch it simply. You may also replace those blades if they don’t work.

  • Tripping

When you’re grinding hoot food items constantly, they begin to start tripping.  Hence, make sure that you don’t grind food for a long period of time without pouring the hot items into the mixer. You could bring it to room temperature and then use the ingredients. Another way o fix this is by switching off the mixer, unplugging, and resetting it.

  • Broken Coupler

Mostly the base of a wet grinder is connected with the jar. This stop working when it gets super cold. It could also damage the coupler if you blend all your frozen items at a super high speed. Couplers however can’t be repaired and they need to be replaced.

So that was a look at the common issues people face while using a mixer grinder. If you need to purchase more electrical appliances, you could also check out Crompton where you can find some really good mixers, juicers, blenders, and other appliances for your kitchen. Crompton also has affordable options so regardless of what your budget is, you can always purchase something of your choice.

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